Choosing a good college or university for your higher education is already a very difficult decision to make, but with the pandemic raging about, it has only become worse. With the cancellation of the Board exams, and postponement of the entrance examination, there has been little for students to do but to wait in worry. However, this period of waiting can be a good time for them to think about what colleges they would be best suited for them to fulfil their goals in life.

Here are the 5 Tips for Students of 12th to choose their subject and decide on a university/college.

1.Pursue your passion.

The first thing to decide is what you want to study. The abundance of options can be overwhelming and the (unwarranted) advise from peers and others adds to the confusion. So the easiest way to go about this is to think of what interests you. What do you like to study now?

Higher education paves the way for the rest of your career. If you don’t love what you do, you will never be able to enjoy your work. So, if you commit to a subject that you don’t enjoy or a course that doesn’t interest you, it will be very difficult for you to make the switch after college. Therefore, despite the suggestions of people around you, it is imperative that you choose something you love and enjoy. It will make the rest of your life a lot easier.

In case you are unable to figure out where your passions lie, or are interested in too many things, do not worry. Simply pick the top two and pursue both options simultaneously, and make an educated decision depending on whichever places you get into later.

Remember: it is always better to have more options and reject some, than to have none at all.

2.Search and Research Extensively.

Once you have made up your mind about the course you are going to proceed with, the next step is to research extensively. Figure out what are the best colleges and universities for your subjects, and what their course structure is like. Compare it with similar programs from other universities and colleges and see which one works better for you. Look up the faculty for your program—see what colleges they have attended, what their specializations are. Good professors are essential for your career—they are the ones who will inspire you, motivate you, and mentor you in your journey.

Also , browse about the successful people in your stream. Know how they reached there. Which career courses did they do? Which universities did they approach? What skills they honed to get into the thriving community.

Trust me, by gathering pertinent knowledge about that inspirational person, making the right career choice is achievable to a great extent.

A live example depicting the whole story of the career of your interest, what better way to choose a course option than this?

3.It is all about the location!

College is a transformative experience less because of the things you learn in the classroom and more because of your experiences outside it. Till now, you were living in a confined, protected circle. And thanks to this Pandemic, everyone was further cut off from the world. But now is the time to get out, spread your wings and take a higher flight.

Choose the city wisely for pursuing the career you are interested in; Apart from safety and affordability, look for the scope to grow. Opting for a location that offers ample career opportunities in your stream is a sensible decision indeed. Ease of access to additional courses that can facilitate you in strengthening your abilities can be a brownie point.

Pick out the one that can deliver you the streak of luck you have been dreaming of; by enhancing your self-confidence and personal identity, the city can transform you into a strong contender for success.

4.Rankings are not the only factor.

It is important that you look at the rankings of the university you have chosen, for it gives important insight into its academic culture. But let it not become your deciding factor. College rankings are based on a very objective criteria that may hint towards their overall standing but it does not comment on how your experience in that place might be. It does not reflect how well the college is suited for you—which is arguably the most important factor.

The best way to determine if the college would work for you is to do your research, speak with students and faculty, and visit the campus if you get the opportunity.

5.Does the college prepare you for the future?

For many, college or university education is the stepping stone into the rest of their lives, and their experiences in those 3-4 years shape them forever. The perfect college should demonstrate the potential to mould you into a thinking, well-rounded individual who is prepared for the future. To accurately determine this, you must look for the 3 P’s: personality, play, and placement.

  • Personality

Colleges running personality development programs along with the curriculum are the right ones to select. Soft-skills development courses and social, cultural activities are few such programs that run parallel to studies to refine individuality.  See if the institutions offers the space to nurture your hobbies and interests? Will you have the option to step outside the comfort zone and try something new?  I would suggest to look for these characteristics in an institution.

  • Play

Sports and extra-curricular activities eliminate dormancy from the college environment. It helps in the overall development of students, so make sure to be a part of such institutions.

  • Placement

The third element that takes you to the next journey of your career is, of course, campus placements. Colleges organising campus interviews and giving striking employment prospects to the students are always the right choice.

Conclusion:  Remember, this is the turning point of your life. Brighten your future by choosing the appropriate careers. With the help of these tips, erase all the confusion, choose the best college/course/university and write your own success story.

Wish you all Good Luck!     


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  • Prof G R Naik VC GCU
    at 3 years ago

    Proper guidance at proper time.
    Good study of the present situation and appropriate advice to young mind.

  • Subramanian
    at 3 years ago

    The world is going through a paradigm shift. Opportunities are just what one can imagine? Old rules are being thrown out of the window. One should look forward to associate with an institution that provides space for discovery, breaking out of the mould, sensitive to dynamic changes around, values integrity, commitment, knowledge, risk taking, learnings from failed attempts, learning together, networking.. learning is no more a one way street, it is a process of mutual growing up

  • Subramanian
    at 3 years ago

    Formal institutions have to compete with informal/ online channels to be recognized as value accretive

  • Shabin PK
    at 3 years ago

    5 most important tips indeed. I’m sure many students would benefit from this piece of writing 🙏.

  • Sanchaiyata Majumdar
    at 3 years ago

    Well structured writing. It will definitely help students looking for colleges have bette clarity. I personally liked the point where ranking should not be the top priority for chosing an educational institute, specially today when traditional classroom education has received a set back. Thus criteria for ranking colleges must also undergo changes.

  • K Mathai
    at 3 years ago

    5 tips mentioned above will really give an insight into ones intrinsic desires to persue a particular area of study in a congenial atmosphere which will catapult the future of the student into unknown heights. Very nice suggestions.

  • Dr. Sheeja M S
    at 3 years ago

    5 Tips for Students of 12th to choose their subject and decide on a university/college.
    Very crisp and apt. Need of the hour advice for aspiring students. 5 points very well thought and listed. It is so very true on how a college is preparing the student to face the future. The 3P’s most required.

  • Dr. Syed Azhar Ahmed, Executive Secretary, Honorary Consulate General of Maldives in Bangalore
    at 3 years ago

    You are an inspiration, encouraging students’ community to get into thoughtful readiness through positive reinforcement and highlighting their successful efforts. I am humbled and appreciate this article for its creativity.

  • Dr. Sudha Ravindranath
    at 3 years ago

    Thought provoking. Very apt piece of advice for the students who are just about to begin their college studies. Very focused and acts as a guideline for choosing the college and the course work.

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