The Advantages of B.A. and B.Sc. Degree Courses

Finishing your school education and pursuing higher education is a huge milestone because it is the stepping stone to the rest of your life. The decisions you take at this juncture plays a monumental role in shaping the course of your life. Therefore, it is vital that you decide to pursue a degree course that complements your skillset and aligns with your goals in life. Furthermore, it should also provide ample opportunities for you to thrive and succeed in your professional life.

So if you think that AI or space exploration interests you, you may want to pursue a degree in engineering or computer science, and if animals are your thing, you may look into biology, or if you like reading, you may explore a degree in literature. The bottom line is: there are no good or bad degrees, only degrees that match your interests and those that do not.

In a country obsessed with doctors and engineers, it may oftentimes become difficult—due to parental or peer pressure, social bias, or simply a lack of awareness—to pursue a degree course other than engineering or medical. However, contrary to popular opinion, there are many advantages of pursuing a BA or a BSc degree that are not commonly known.

Here are 5 reasons why these degree courses might be good for you-

1. Plethora of Job Opportunities

Opposed to what is commonly stated, having a BA or a BSc degree opens up many lucrative and well-paying positions for graduates. Depending on your subjects in BA, students can go for jobs in fields like journalism, marketing and advertising, policy-making, social services, diplomacy, and academia and research, or they can even choose to do other professional courses like MBA and PGDM. More importantly, students with a BA degree often have an edge in the coveted Civil Service exams in India, which can open up many reputed avenues for them.

On the other hand, BSc freshers can obtain respectable positions like scientists, scientific assistants, research analysts, technical writer and editors, chemists, researchers, and consultant. There are ample opportunities for freshers, including positions in educational institutes, space research institutes, chemical industry, pharmaceuticals and biotech industry, testing laboratories, wastewater plants, aquarium, forest services and the oil industry.

2. Vast Pool of Specializations to Choose From

Both BA and BSc programs offer numerous specializations that students can choose from, depending on their interests. Some of the most popular subject options offered in BA in India include literature, political science, economics, history, geography, international affairs, auditing and accounting, psychology, fine arts, journalism, commerce and management and law. Specializations in BSc include physics, biology, chemistry, mathematics, forensic sciences, nano-technology, agriculture, fashion technology, information technology, nursing, multimedia, and statistics, just to name a few. For any students interested in these subjects, a BA or BSc degree course would be a good option for them.

3. Increased Possibility of Further Education

Unlike a professional degree that demands immediate employment and/or practical experience, a BA or BSc degree opens the gates for students to continue with their education and seek an MA or MSc degree to gain further expertise in their field. In fact, these days, many BA or BSc graduates directly go on to enrol for a MA or MSc program respectively, to further gain expertise in the field as early as possible.

4. Shorter Course Duration

Most BA and BSc degree are three-year programs. In such a competitive world where time is everything, getting into the work life early without having to miss out on university life can be highly beneficial. Also getting a trailer of how professional life in your career would look like , and making you become financially independent sooner is an advantage in a three year course.

5. Accelerated Personal Growth

BA and BSc degree programs offered in well-reputed Indian institutions place a lot of emphasis on building life skills in students. This is encouraged through a focus on developing their entrepreneurial character, finessing their communication skills, training them in team work, and opening them to the world, so that the student graduates come out stronger, sharper, and smarter, and open to learn, adapt and accept. Such training not only reflects well from a grading point of view but is an invaluable lesson for students in this twenty-first century world. 

Conclusion – No stream of study is bad. Every course has its advantages. I hope by reading this short blog you have got some insights on the advantages of choosing a BA or BSc course. The main thing to remember while pursuing higher education is to choose something that interests and fascinates you. So pursue a course that you like and always remember…..

….. “The sky is not the limit. It is only the beginning”.  


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  • Lakshmikanth
    at 3 years ago

    Well explained. Perfect guidance for beginners..

  • Subramanian
    at 3 years ago

    I think the fixation about engg medicine law as the only respectable courses to pursue is fading. I would go a step further, even the fad about a university ‘degree’ as a gateway to respectable life is i believe getting eroded. More than the title of the course what matters is what the course leads you to. If the course has relevant content, is current, has a value in market, gives you exposure to how to put to practical use the knowledge gained, and also helps build character, attitude and confidence, I would say any course is useful. Dont blame the course, instead make its productive use the test of its value

  • Dr. Kirankumar S V
    at 3 years ago

    Well said Sir,
    There are no good or bad degrees, only degrees that match your interests and those that do not and how well we explore, expertise and grab the opportunities once we choose our courses.

  • Dr. Syed Azhar Ahmed, Director-International Cell & Placements, Garden City University, Bangalore
    at 3 years ago

    I am grateful that we have such a strong voice on mentioning the degree programmes, many students are unable to decide on and unclear of their future goals. It is indeed well communicated to the youngster’s on how to introspect and be a winner for life time.

  • Madhu Malleshappa
    at 3 years ago

    Excellent ! Sir. As rightly said by you there is no good or bad degree but the decisions they take at this juncture matters a lot. The skillset and passion towards the field of interest are very important for a student in decision making about their future career.

  • Sanchaiyata Majumdar
    at 3 years ago

    Also, i believe that a BA or B.Sc programme opens scope for research in comparison to professional courses. I would particularly appreciate point 1 and that a BA and B.Sc programme is effective if a student is preparing for Civil Services exam.

  • G R Naik
    at 3 years ago

    A correct advice to young minds and overambitios parents.
    As commented earlier, the mad rush for engineering and medicine is declining.
    GCU has the advantage of having such courses .

  • Mrs. Anuja Manohar
    at 3 years ago

    Well said sir. I believe point number 2 gives vast area of scope and better carrier. Also demand towards engineering and medical studies is drastically going down and demand towards degrees with specialized BA or B.Sc. is increasing.

  • Capt Suresh, Secretary to the VC
    at 3 years ago

    It’s really encouraging sir….the above writeup and comments are really encouraging to the students coming from government schools. Arts and Science degrees are equally important when comparing to other professional degrees which cannot be affordable to the lower middle class families.

  • Mark
    at 2 years ago

    Thanks for your blog, nice to read. Do not stop.

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